Our journey to democracy

5 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Democracy is an ongoing process which denotes the status of liberty, equality and rights of the people in relation to each other and the government of the country. Democracy as an idea of a political system was put forward by the ancient Greek philosophers. Since then many countries have trodden the uneven path of democracy and incorporated democracy as their way of conduct in varying degrees. 

The Democracy Index of The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) provides a view of the state of democracy worldwide in 165 independent states and two territories. According to the measure of democracy, slightly less than half of the world’s population live in a democracy of some sort. This draws a dismal picture of the condition of democracy and the rights of the people with relation to the state and the government. 

The latest edition of the Democracy Index records how global democracy fared in 2020. According to the recent Index of the EIU, Bangladesh ranks 76th with an overall score of 5.99 on a scale of 10 among 167 countries. The ranking of Bangladesh has upgraded four notches from a ranking of 88th in 2018 having scored 5.57 then. However, it should be noted that, though the inferences are based on data collected and analysed rationally, but human beings, their relationships and conduct are subjective matters which cannot be fully inferred by statistics or hypothesis.  

This is a commendable achievement for Bangladesh facing many challenges currently in a post-Covid world situation. More so as according to the EIU, “Global democracy is at its lowest point since we started publishing our Democracy Index back in 2006.” Also, 70 per cent of countries covered in the Democracy Index recorded a drop in their democracy score in 2020, Covid-19 being the key driver behind the decline. 

As democracy is a journey rather than a destination, Bangladesh must keep going on the right track to establish a greater degree of democracy with the passage of time to ensure better justice, equality and rights of the people.