Country’s enemies active as before

4 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

That Bangladesh has been doing exceptionally well in all economic fronts and is going to surpass Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong in terms of economic growth by 2024, is well recognised and lauded all over the world. While it becomes a matter to be proud of as a nation, the same reason, however, has become a matter of malice for a group of people who had opposed the liberation of the country and have been opposing the progressive and secular principles of Bangladesh since its birth. The recently published Al Jazeera’s report titled “All the Prime Minister's Men” is nothing but a stupid projection of the heinous desire of this ill-motivated group.

It is learnt that all of the people involved in the report have a bad record. Commentator of the report David Bergman was convicted by the International Crimes Tribunal Bangladesh for challenging the official death toll of the 1971 Liberation War and former cadet Zulkarnain Saer Khan (featured as Sami in the report) was expelled from Bangladesh Military Academy on charges of drug addiction. The Chief Editor of the infamous Netra News Tasneem Khalil was exiled from Bangladesh.

These are the facts that actually say all about the credentials and intention of the report, produced by the nexus of an ill-intentioned group of people with criminal records. Therefore, it is clear that the report is nothing but a misleading series of innuendos and insinuations against the country. And it appears to be a politically-motivated smear campaign by notorious individuals associated with Jamaat-e-Islami that conspired with international extremist groups and news media, especially Al Jazeera, on several occasions to prove Bangladesh an unsuccessful state.

For these reasons, the government and the Army have rightly rejected the report saying that this is a sequel by the same vested group which is trying to destabilise the country in recent times. The masses also throw out the report and condemn such an ill intention of the enemies of the nation and the international news channel. It is for sure that the patriotic people of this country will foil any attempt to create instability with a view to hampering the ongoing socio-economic development and progress.