Admission seekers face uphill battle

2 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

In the aftermath of HSC and equivalent results on Saturday, which saw an unprecedented 100% pass rate and over three fold increase in the number of GPA-5 achievers than the previous year, admission of a huge number of students into higher education institutions has come to the fore. Owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, students have idled away a whole academic year without classroom teaching.

The government and the educational institutions have postponed one after another exam as reopening plans continue to defer. Even the HSC results have been published without conducting any exam, on the basis of students’ record in previous board exams. In fact there was no alternative to taking this extraordinary measure in this extraordinary time to prevent infection.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has rightly called upon all to refrain from unnecessary criticism over HSC results as it might have a debilitating effect on students’ minds. We are mindful of the situation. Rather, we think it is time to look forward. Ensuring admission of the overwhelming number of HSC pass students into higher educational institution is now the need of the hour.

Given the overwhelming number of pass rate and GPA-5 achievers, admission seekers will no doubt face an uphill struggle to secure a seat in their desired academia. Competition in the academic sector is good, but what is worrying is that, according to a Daily Sun report, as many as 47,377 candidates have no chance of receiving tertiary education. Because this year the number of seats in the country’s higher education sector is lower than the number of students who came out successful in HSC.

Against this backdrop, we think students with lower grades should go for technical education. For this we think the mindset of young learners and their parents should be changed. There are many university degrees which only contribute to the problem of educated unemployment. We hope students will realise that acquiring skill is more important than pursuing a 4-5 year course with minimal learning. The government should boost the technical education sector to create a skilled generation.