Walton targets record fridge sales in 2021

Staff Correspondent

1 February, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Country’s electronics giant Walton set a target of making a record in the sales of its refrigerator and freezer in 2021.

As of now, Walton has been registered highest sales of its fridge in the 2019. During the January to December period of 2019, Walton posted the sales of fridge as around 20.30 lakh units. This year, Walton targets to surpass its fridge sales of the 2019 in this year, said a press release.

To achieve the target, Walton undertook massive preparations in the department of, its research and department (RnD), design, production line, quality control (QC), marketing, branding and sales.

Walton’s Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Eva Rezwana Nilu said that the fridge sales of all the brands were reduced in the domestic market last year following the widespread of coronavirus pandemic.

Last year Walton sold out 14 lakh units of Walton fridge last year and also secured more than 70 percent share in the domestic fridge market, informing it she said, “Undoubtedly, the sales of fridges in 2019 was quite satisfactory.”

Now, the demands of Walton fridge returned to the sound condition that was sustained before the pandemic period, she noted adding, thus they targeted record of bumper sales in 2021.

DMD of Walton Amdadul Haque Sarker said that this year they gave importance on marketing strategies and branding.

Walton’s Deputy Executive Director Uday Hakim hoped that 2021 would be the year of bumper sales of Walton fridge. In this context, they have taken all necessary planning.”

Walton’s Executive Director and Refrigerator’s Chief Executive Officer Engineer Anisur Rahman Mallick said that this year Walton will release varieties models with lucrative designs and advanced features. And thus, some varieties models of Walton side by side door refrigerators were released to the market.

Smart features are being added to the Walton fridge, saying it he noted that this year Walton will release the first-ever locally made side by side door smart fridge.

Walton’s Executive Director and Refrigerator’s Chief Operating Officer Yusif Ali said they have taken all necessary initiatives in all the sections of the production process, including RnD, design, production line and QC.