‘Kattush Kuttush’ tells the stories in different way

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31 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

‘Kattush Kuttush’ tells the stories in different way

Children love stories. It could be a fairy tale, or a true story, or a history. They usually hear stories from someone or read stories from a book. But what if they see those funny stories in a slightly different form?

With this in mind, one of the new programmes of Duronto TV, ‘Kattush Kuttush’ has been made.

In the show, the different stories are presented to the children in three different ways. Sometimes a story is told through shadow puppets, sometimes through origami, and sometimes through sand art. The presentation of the story is completely new to children.

Puppets of this show are directed by Sayma Karim and Mridha Ayomi. Origami artists and shadow puppeteers are Md. Sohel, Nurul Absar Palash and Mehedi Hasan Shadhin. Sand Art was done by Harendra Nath Roy and Joyeth Kalyan. The programme is directed by Jamal Hossain Abir.

Kattush and Kuttush are two naughty book worms. They eat the pages of books whenever they get a chance. At the same time, they eat the stories written on the pages. The stories they eat will be illustrated in ‘Kattush Kuttush’ through shadow, puppetry, sand art and origami.

The show is being aired every Sunday to Thursday at 11:30 am and 5.30pm.