Make vaccination programme successful

28 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the much-awaited Covid-19 vaccination programme yesterday, bringing a smile to the faces worried about the deadly coronavirus pandemic. The government is all set to start a nationwide inoculation drive from February 07. During this time, it is learnt from a study that 84 per cent of people are interested in receiving the vaccine at some stages, among whom 32 per cent are interested in taking it immediately while the rest wants to take it after observing its effectiveness and side effects. The study shows that people have some doubts about the vaccine that has made them hesitant about taking the jab. However, the fact is that there is hardly any scope to hesitate.

Every vaccine has some side effects, and this vaccine is no exception in this regard, but those are said to be not that much serious. Moreover, the vaccine recipients will be kept under observation for around 30 minutes at vaccine centres, and health service teams will remain ready to provide support if any side effect is observed after giving the shot. Besides, telemedicine service will also be available, and the health ministry has pledged to bear the expense in any unexpected incidents. So people should not be anxious over it.

Though these all are the facts, it is not unnatural that people get puzzled believing the fake news spreading all over, especially in the social media platforms, since it is time when people reasonably keep faith in social media. But these sorts of false notions may put the vaccination programme at stake, worsening the overall pandemic situation. Therefore, the government must conduct campaigns highlighting the facts to help people get rid of the fear and fallacy over the effectiveness and side effects of the vaccine and get them prepared mentally with a view to making the vaccination programme smooth and effective.

On the other hand, the people have to come forward on their own initiative to save themselves, their family members, society and the country. We all have to act appropriately from our individual position, keeping in mind that fight against the deadly virus in a harmonized manner is a must, and a small mistake, even on a personal level, may put the whole nation in dire consequences. We should therefore try to the best of our ability to make the vaccination programme successful.