Break gold smuggling racket

25 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Smuggling of gold has been going on for a long time depriving the government of much needed earning of taxes. A pattern has come to light revealing that the staff of a local airline – the US Bangla Airline – are frequently being caught smuggling gold into the country worth crores of taka. The frequency of the name of the same airline cropping up seems to be too much of a coincidence to overlook. Therefore, the Dhaka Customs and Customs Intelligence and Investigation authorities are suspecting some kind of involvement of the airline itself in the matter of smuggling of gold into the country. That the name of a local airline has become linked with the organised crime of smuggling gold into the country is truly unfortunate. A legal business – an airline – running an illegal smuggling of gold behind the scenes is alarming for the country.

Any smuggling is bad for the country’s administration as it eats into the earning of duties of the government creating a shortfall in the finances needed for various administrative works like running the country and undertaking development works. It is the duty of all patriotic citizens to prevent the smuggling of all luxury goods like gold and other non-essential items into the country which can break the backbone of our economy. We hope that our customs intelligence as well as the public will be ever vigilant against gold being smuggled into the country at all times.

Apart from illegal earnings of individuals, smuggling could also be used by organised gangs to finance anti-state activities to harm the country and the people behind the scenes. So, we would hope the authorities would not overlook all these alarming possibilities when they investigate the matter and not give up easily without a thorough background check.

It is imperative that the gold smuggling racket in the country is soon unearthed by the investigating authorities and properly dealt with. We must prevent such frequent large haul gold smuggling by whomsoever it may be to keep the continuity of the economy of the country running smoothly.