Open educational institutions, please!

24 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

My friend Saju studies in a private university. We are in the same batch but different universities. His university activities were ongoing even during the Corona pandemic, so he has completed his honours. Now he is applying for jobs and participating in various job examinations after completing his honours. But despite being in the same batch, as I am studying at a public university, now I am worried about the time when I will be finishing my honours. Online activities are supposed to be launched but no activities are still going on.

 At present the same situation exists in every public university in the country. If we do not open our institutions in this situation, we will be deprived of all job opportunities in the country. Whereas normalcy prevails in every case within the country, except the public universities. Markets, business establishments, government-private offices, courts, etc. are running normal activities everywhere. Why then are only the public educational institutions being kept closed?

We are witnessing huge crowds at the ongoing school and college admission processes. Students are flocking to the schools and colleges every week to submit their assignments as part of their exams. Job seekers are flocking to the form-filling shops to fill up job forms. Despite such situations, the coronavirus has not spread widely. So against such a context we want normalcy in the education campuses too. We believe that the COVID-19 will not spread widely even if educational institutions are opened.

Therefore, we hope that the concerned authorities will pay kind attention to our students, as we are drawing the attention of the Ministry of Education and other officials in this regard.


Moshiur Rahman, Student of International Relations, Rajshahi University