India to allow commercial vaccine export soon

Gautam Lahiri

23 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

New Delhi: India will soon allow export of Covid-19 vaccine to Bangladesh and other countries under commercial agreements.

Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India Anurag Srivastava said this during the weekly briefing in New Delhi on Friday (Jan 22).

Serum Institute of India and Beximco Pharma of Bangladesh had already signed an agreement for three crores Covid vaccine doses.

India already sent 20 lakhs doses of Covid vaccine to Bangladesh as a goodwill gesture and has named it as  Maitri vaccine.

Srivastava also said contractual supplies are being undertaken to Bangladesh, Saudi Arab, South Africa, Brazil, Morocco and Myanmar. Brazil and Morocco have already received the vaccine as per agreement.

The spokesperson also said that keeping given the domestic requirements of the phased roll-out, India will continue to supply coronavirus vaccine to partner countries over the 'coming weeks and months in a phased manner.

He has provided a detailed account of vaccines supplied to different countries.

He said, "There are interests in many countries in accessing vaccines from India which is a global hub for vaccine productions. In so far as these requests for vaccines from India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already said that India's vaccine production and delivery capacity would be used for the benefit of all humanity in fighting this crisis."

As India announced on January 19, India's grant assistance of vaccines to the neighbouring countries commenced on January 20. On the first day 1.5 lakh doses of vaccine were supplied to Bhutan and 1 lakh doses to the Maldives as grant assistance.

On January 21, supplies of 10 lakhs doses to Nepal and 20 lakhs doses to Bangladesh were undertaken.

On Friday, consignments of 15 lakhs doses to Myanmar, 1 lakh doses to Mauritius and 50,000 doses to Seychelles are being airlifted. Supplies to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan will be undertaken after receiving confirmation of regulatory clearances from those countries.

Answering to a question whether Pakistan has requested for any vaccine supply, said, "I am not aware of any request for the supply of vaccines to Pakistan.”

He added that in terms of quantities and type of supplies of vaccines, the supplies abroad on G2G, G2B and B2B basis would be based on availability and regulatory approvals in the countries concerned.