Producing Covid-19 vaccines locally

18 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

The entire world is waiting for the global release of vaccines for the fatal coronavirus disease Covid-19. To inoculate the most vulnerable group amongst the seven billion plus world population will require a huge number of vaccine shots. Till all the people of the world are vaccinated, we cannot defeat the most contagious virus ever known to man. No single country or pharmaceutical company can fulfil the necessary obligation to produce such huge number of vaccines in the shortest possible time over the next few years. It is urgent that every resourceful country come together to combine individual strengths to defeat this invisible yet deadliest enemy of man.

Bangladesh as a responsible country in the world of independent nations must also be a part of this opportunity to fulfil some of the obligations to produce vaccines not only for her own people but also for the people of other countries. Covid-19 vaccines produced in Bangladesh could cut down the cost of each shot in the country making it more affordable for our government to give it free of charge to the most vulnerable groups of our people.

There is a great possibility of producing Covid-19 vaccines in Bangladesh by pharmaceutical companies of other countries. The government is considering offers from some foreign countries to produce Covid-19 vaccines in the country. Several foreign vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies have shown interest in doing so. More specifically, both India and China have offered to produce coronavirus vaccines in Bangladesh. It would be a great opportunity for Bangladesh to become a major vaccine producing country provided that the strict rules and procedures of WHO are followed.

Producing any kind of vaccine is a highly sensitive job of great responsibility. But it is more so in the case of producing Covid-19 vaccines, as preserving and carrying the vaccines in controlled temperatures is a matter of significant concern in order to maintain their optimum quality. Bangladesh has already earned international repute for producing and exporting valuable lifesaving pharmaceutical products. By undertaking to produce Covid-19 vaccines, we could increase our expertise by manifold and elevate the status of Bangladesh as a pharmaceutical giant in the world. We hope that the government would proactively decide to procure and produce Covid-19 vaccines for the sake of the people.