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Medium acquires Glose

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18 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Medium acquires Glose

American online publishing platform Medium has announced its acquisition of the social-based eBook company Glose, which is a platform where users can buy and read books, then share notes and highlights with friends.

According to The Verge, Medium's CEO Ev Williams said that the company looks forward to working with the Glose team on partnering with publishers to help authors reach more readers.

Glose CEO Nicolas Princen said the vision is to create an experience where you can go from one to the next.

User can read an article and then just one-click purchase a book that connects to that content if you want to go deeper.

There are a few ways in Glose-Medium integration could go about this. First, Medium could show people books written by author of the article they are reading.