Friday, 29 October, 2021

Writ filed for allotting train compartment for women

Writ filed for allotting train compartment for women

A writ was filed on Thursday seeking High Court’s direction for implementing a rule, allotting a carriage on each train for women, reports BSS.

Supreme Court lawyer Mamtaj Pervin filed the writ, also challenging the inaction of the respondents in implementing sections 64 and 119 of The Railways Act, 1890.

According to section 64 of the act, “the railway administration shall, in every train carrying passengers, reserve for the exclusive use of females one compartments at least of the lowest class of carriage forming part of the train. One such compartment so reserved shall, if the train is to run for a distance exceeding fifty miles, be provided with a closet.”

But there is no implementation of the act and that is why the writ was filed. We have made four officials including railways secretary respondents, lawyer Md Ajmal Hossain, who will move the writ before the court, said.