Housewives get engaged in farming activities in Kurigram

14 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

KURIGRAM: Housewives of Kurigram are now becoming farmers to meet up the demand and poverty of their family. Kurigram farming families were facing huge losses caused by consecutive 5th phase of floods. To recover the loss male members have set out in search of work in different districts. Meanwhile female members started alternative farming.

Amina Begum of Sadar upazila’s Shuvarkuti village had to take shelter in her father’s home as her husband’s house got destroyed by the flood. She managed some loans and planted apple kul, papaya, chilly and eggplants on 60 decimals of her father’s land. This season she had to count a hefty loss for cultivating crops. Amina took up farming vegetables and fruits to recoup the loss and hopes to make enough to buy a piece of land to build her own home, reports UNB.

On a recent spot visit to Kurigram sadar upazila’s Holokhana union, in the village of Shuvarkuti, the correspondent witnessed the extensive farming activities of the female.

There, some have cultivated cucumber, some beans, some jujube, papaya and many other vegetables on lands that were damaged by the flood, but where the waters have receded. Amina’s neighbor, Meghna Begum, sowed cucumber seeds on her land after flood water drained out in September. Within 3 months, her cucumbers became marketable. Cultivation of cucumber cost Meghna Tk 80,000, but she is expecting revenue from them to touch Tk 120,000 - allowing for a neat Tk 40,000 profit.

Golzar Hossain, member of Holokhana Union, Ward No 9 said ‘Times have changed. Women of the family are adept at farming in instalments. Having prepared the land for farming, males venture outside their villages in search of better-paying jobs, while the women of Kurigram take care of the instalment farming in their absence.’