Wednesday, 10 August, 2022

Govt to set up special cyber team for FIs

The government is planning to introduce a specialised computer incident response team (CIRT) for banks and financial institutions to prevent and tackle cyber threats.  

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has already started developing the specialised unit and is expecting to complete the task by 2021, said project director of BGD eGov CIRT, ICT Division Tarique M Barkatullah.

BGD e-GOV CIRT is serving as the national response team with responsibilities to receiving, reviewing, and responding to computer security incidents and activities in Bangladesh.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Tarique M Barkatullah said the financial and telecom sector need special responses as the type of cyber attacks and the security modules is changing rapidly.

“We are working together with Bangladesh Bank for developing a CIRT for banks. The central bank has already started activities in this regard. Besides, the response team for telecom operators will help the companies reduce the risk of frauds using mobile phones,” he said.

Bangladesh has installed international standard tire-4 data centre which is the seventh-largest of its kind in the world and the government hosts all national information avoiding foreign platforms amid global concern on data privacy.

Tarique said Bangladesh Bank will execute as the central team while every financial institution will develop small teams and work together with the BB team to solve cybersecurity issues.

The issue of cybersecurity came to the fore after Bangladesh Bank experienced a cyber heist in February 2016 as a group of hackers breached the security of central bank over SWIFT network.

Besides, the government has planned to develop dedicated CIRT for telecom operators to help the authorities curb anonymous activities using mobile phones.

Bangladesh has improved in the recent state of cybersecurity as the country’s rank rose from 73rd to the 65th place in the international index compiled by the UK-based National Cyber Security Index (NCSI).

“To keep up the development, Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) under ICT Division has inspired innovative entrepreneurs in taking initiatives in cybersecurity issues,” Tarique explained.

Of late, State Minister for ICT Zunaid Ahmed Palak in a meeting told that the governments will upskill 1,000 cybersecurity experts to support the activities for securing the cyberspace.

Regarding the state of cybersecurity in Bangladesh, Microsoft’s senior technical lead Rezwanur Rahman emphasized on training and knowledge sharing among responsible persons so that the officials have the right information on every gateway and port.

“Ransomware becomes a big threat to any country. To avoid any kind of attack, the users have to use licensed products. The engineers should take hands-on training on decryption of corrupted files to recover data from any corrupted files during any cyber attack,” Rezwanur, also a computer engineer, told the Daily Sun.