Thursday, 28 October, 2021

‘Against the Wind’ depicts the story of an intersex survivor

‘Against the Wind’ depicts the story of an intersex survivor
Noor Alam and director Ruhul Robin Khan

A documentary film titled ‘Against the Wind’ has been made based on the story of an intersex survivor. The short film is the country’s first film on intersex survivor.

Scripted and directed by Ruhul Robin Khan, James P Grant School of Public Health, Brac University and CREA, a feminist international human rights organisation in the Global South, have jointly produced the short film.

  This film tells the biotic story of Noor Alam, who is country’s first professed intersex person,  working for community development. 

 Noor Alam invents himself as an Intersex person after the age of 25. He had experienced a myriad struggle until he defined his identity. Noor was born as a girl with ambiguous genitalia. At the age of five doctor found two hernias in both side of her female organ, but after surgery doctor has ensure those are testicles. They declared Noor as a boy!

In this sarcastic journey Noor gradually got alienated from family and society.

The film will be premiered on international Human Rights forum soon and then will be shown at different international film festival.

Ruhul Robin Khan, who has directed the film, is a rising communication specialist with eminent international exposure. He has been working on human rights ground, especially rights for Gender Diverse Population (GDP) in Bangladesh for a decade. He made several films on rights and gender-based violence of GDP. Khan started his career as a Television journalist. To pursue his passion and dream he got his second post-graduation on Television and Film studies.