No more speculation over corona vaccine

13 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Curiosity over the volume of Covid-19 vaccine and its arrival time naturally goes high during such a tense period as the present one. As expected, people were quite curious about how much of the vaccine is going to arrive in the country, who will receive the jabs first and when. How the government is going to set priorities for the likely recipients of the jab is another area of imagination. While these are innocent curiosities, certain quarters motivated by diverse objectives spread rumours and gossips, only to fan the speculation and create doubts about the sincerity of the government in the distribution of the vaccine.

However, with the arrival dates of the first consignment of vaccine declared, confusion over the issues has started coming to an end. Readers are already aware that the first consignment of 5 million doses of Covershield vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca will reach the country from the Serum Institute in India by January 21-25. The vaccines will be sent to the districts shortly after the arrival and the vaccination is set to begin within the first week of February. The more encouraging information is that Bangladesh is going to receive from the same source a total of 30 million doses of the vaccine equally divided over a period of six months.

With these positive developments, the curiosity of the people will now remain focused mainly on who are going to be vaccinated first. The government has set priorities for this and good reasons dictate that the frontline warriors such as doctors, nurses and other health sector workers as well as members of the law enforcement agencies and armed forces who are fighting against Covid-19 day and night deserve to get first priority; because it is their health that ensures wellbeing of others. The World Health Organisation has also called on government to vaccinate at-risk groups on a priority basis. Then there come those who are playing important role in running the state machinery, followed by media persons moving across the country to keep people abreast of the latest developments.

We have full confidence in the government that it will do its best to ensure proper distribution of the vaccine and prevent pilfering of the life-saving thing. All are needed to cooperate with the authorities to make the inoculation drive a success.