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Personal branding in digital age

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Personal branding in digital age

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As we belong to the Homo Sapien species, our nature is filled with innate desires to communicate and interact with others. Inherently, we tend to share our thoughts, feelings, achievements, and present ourselves in our community.

The foundation of social media was built upon this constitutive dimension of human nature as we see today – billions of posts, comments, and shares through hundreds of social media platforms around the globe.

Supposedly, you are in your teens or twenties – full of vigor, energy, spirit, and ready to show the world what you are made of - your thoughts and creativity that might change your surroundings, your country, and even the world.

You could be the photographer, filmmaker, or anything best suited full of potential. Well, consider yourself lucky to have impactful social media platforms that could be your medium of expression. However, millions of people are out there in the wide world, also filled with ideas that may have the same potential as yours. 

So, how will you differentiate yourself from others? Fortunately, in the era of social media, you already have built a brand of yourself! It can be described with a quote from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. He said, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Before jumping into the next paragraph, we suggest, take a pause and Google your name. What popped up? Does that express you, or it shows you the person you do not purport to be? This entire thing will depend on you and your activities in the digital world.  A personal brand comprehends the idea of your creativity, skills, and presentation.

It’s the avenue for personal branding and the perspective you want to create for others about yourself, and the way to allow others to plunge into your thoughts and creativity. Therefore, it is essential more than ever to create a personal brand that is resilient and capable of describing your ideas and imagination; certainly, that is not the same as others. 

We are blessed with the availability of numerous social media platforms around us, such as Facebook, YouTube, Likee, Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr. Hence, nowadays, it is not that difficult to let others know about our skills, works, or creative expressions.

Depending on the skills, these platforms work as the mediums of digital interjections of creativity and expressions. For example, with its motto ‘Let you shine,’ Likee, enables its users to create short video content and share it with millions of other users.

Users of Likee have the opportunity to create artistic and enchanting videos from their photo gallery. In the online era, everything lasts forever on the internet that includes both the good and bad sides.

So, it depends entirely on how we can utilize the technological blessing for the greater good of ourselves and others. Here, personal branding holds more importance than ever we thought. Thus, give yourself grace and let your creativity flow and shine in its own way.