Sonia demands ‘unconditional’ repeal of farm laws

4 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Sonia demands ‘unconditional’ repeal of farm laws

NEW DELHI: In a scathing attack on the Centre over the farmers’ protests, Indian Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Sunday said that for the first time since independence such an “arrogant” government has come to power that cannot see the sufferings of ‘annadatas’, and demanded that the new farm laws be immediately withdrawn unconditionally, reports PTI.

In a statement in Hindi, she said governments and their leaders who ignore public sentiments in a democracy cannot govern for long and it is now quite clear that the protesting farmers will not bow in the face of the Centre’s policy of “tire and pushover”.

“There is still time, the Modi government should leave the arrogance of power and immediately withdraw the three black laws unconditionally to end the agitation of the farmers who are dying in the cold and rain. This is Rajdharma and a true tribute to the farmers who have lost their lives,” Gandhi said.

The Modi government should remember that democracy means protecting the interests of the people and the farmers-workers, she said.

“Along with the people of the country, I am also disturbed seeing the condition of the ‘annadatas’ who have been agitating for 39 days at the borders of Delhi in the bitter cold and rain in support of their demands,” Gandhi said.

In the wake of the government’s apathy, so far, more than 50 farmers have lost their lives with some even taking the step of committing suicide due to the government’s neglect, she said. “But neither the heartless Modi government relented nor the Prime Minister or any other minister uttered a word of consolation till today.

I pay my respects to all the deceased farmer brothers and pray to the Lord to give their families the strength to bear this sorrow,” the Congress president said.