Ancient barbarity in modern times

3 January, 2021 12:00 AM printer

Mob beating is a serious problem Bangladesh has been facing for years as nothing could stop this criminal offence, even the coronavirus pandemic. According to a report, at least 34 people were killed in around 114 mob beating incidents that have happened throughout the country in the first 11 months of the immediate past year, when life got restricted due to the pandemic. The prevalence of mob-beating was also alarming in earlier years as around 625 people reportedly succumbed to mob offences in the last eight years, while many others have been suffering from lifetime trauma after being victimised by this crime.

Not addressing the social factors behind such brutality has been contributing to this menace for years. That someone can be beaten if they commit a wrong has been deeply ingrained in the minds of the people thus they beat thieves, pickpockets and other suspected offenders to a pulp. Besides, in a number of cases people purposefully plot for mob beating as cases in this connection are filed against many unknown people keeping scope for main plotters to escape and having lesser possibilities for trial. The loss of faith in the country's legal system and efficacy of the law enforcement agencies, lack of proper education and a sense that none would be punished as the crime committed by many unknown people, the absence of speedy investigations and trials are some of the other factors to be blamed for such extrajudicial killings.

Change in education, mental development and trial process is a must to this end. It is undeniable that our education and development have become very career and economy-centric. We put little effort into teaching our communities about compassion, the need to follow the law, tolerance or religious harmony, which could help people's mental development. Apart from these, speedy investigation and trial are mandatory for giving people the message about the crime so that none can feel free to commit the crime.

Therefore, collective afford is needed to stop this extrajudicial crime. The state and its other organs, being the main stakeholder, should take proper steps so that people dare not kill anyone else under any situation rather would keep faith in law enforcement agencies.