Mounting int’l pressure on Myanmar

26 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

International pressure continues to build on Myanmar to take back its forcibly displaced nationals from Bangladesh. Japan on Thursday said they want to see the start of Rohingya repatriation process from next year and will continue to help the process. Earlier the United Nations adopted a resolution calling for an urgent solution to Rohingya crisis. The UN resolution has garnered support from 104 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and so on. The growing international pressure is expected to force Myanmar to act sincerely to address the Rohingya crisis.

Rohingya crisis is getting deeper day by day as it is evident that Myanmar is only killing time in the name of discussion. Although a number of dates were fixed for repatriation, not a single forcibly displaced Myanmar national could be repatriated mainly because Myanmar did nothing to create conducive environment for rehabilitation of the Rohingyas in their homeland. Rather it is doing the opposite by continuing to terrorise the minorities in its Northern Rakhaine state where Rohingays belong.

However, amidst the long-drawn-out saga of Rohingya crisis what is most unfortunate is the international communities’ including the UN’s failure to adequately pressurise Myanmar to stop persecution on minorities and to take back its displaced nationals.

As many as 11 lakh Rohingays took shelter in Bangladesh in 2016 to save their lives from a military crackdown in Myanmar which the UN had described as a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. Since then the Rohingays were sheltered in Cox’s Bazar in several camps. Alarmingly, around two lakhs of Rohingays have fled from camp and sneaked into the localities. They are getting themselves involved in a host of crimes including drug and arms smuggling, human trafficking, militancy etc, posing a grave threat to Bangladesh’s internal security.

In order to tackle the worsening problem, the government is fencing the camps and creating planned accommodation for one lakh Rohingyas in Bhasan char. These are temporary solution. Repatriation of the Rohingyas to their homeland is the only permanent solution. Bangladesh must remain steadfast in its principle that Rohingyas must return to Myanmar.