Let the prediction come true

25 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

That Bangladesh has been doing well in economic and infrastructural development is well-acknowledged around the world as a role model for development and which is why the country stands just a few steps away to be a developing one. After having close observation on Bangladesh, overall progress the country has made and the future plan, Japanese Ambassador Ito Naoki has predicted that Bangladesh has all possibilities to be a Singapore-like country once work of the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Metro Rail and Matarbari projects, a coal-fired power plant project that also includes a deep seaport, are completed. According to yesterday’s lead news, he pointed out that offering maritime communications a new dimension, Matarbari will be like a modern Singapore, as it will enhance the connectivity inside Bangladesh and between Bangladesh and India as well as Asian countries. We also hope that his prediction would come true as soon as possible.

In recent years, Bangladesh has successfully prepared the ground to be a fast growing country by taking a number of mega projects to provide mass people with the facilities available in developed countries and to increase connectivity inside the country that is essential for economic development. Besides, rural development including improved road and transport facility has been ensured so that every corner of the country can be connected with financial hubs and others.

All of these initiatives make us hopeful, but the ultimate success would depend upon the practical use of these infrastructures. If experience is anything to go by, the real challenge regretfully lies within our poor project implementation capability and failure to harness the potentials of different projects due to operational and policy-making inefficiency, corruption of concerned persons and lack of accountability and transparency. In the case of numbers of implemented projects, mass people are deprived of getting as many benefits as it could have offered because of the irresponsibility of bureaucrats. Our jute sector is a prime example of the failure of visionary policy-making in this regard. 

Therefore, the government should take all possible measures to turn probability into reality by ensuring transparent and proper utilisation of the projects that are badly needed for the country’s growth. Efforts should also be made so that Bangladesh can reach that level the diplomat predicted.