Miraculous HDI achievement

Staff Correspondent

23 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A global Human Development Index (HDI) report released by the United Nations Development Programme shows that despite the 2020 pandemic Bangladesh has made an impressive improvement in human development this year with remarkable progress in many socioeconomic areas, including life expectancy and per capita income to move upwards in the index. This is no mean feat for a densely populated developing country like Bangladesh, plagued by the almost inevitable annual natural calamities like floods and cyclones.

Whereas Bangladesh has moved two notches up, ranking 133rd position this year from last year’s 135th position and has ranked fifth among eight South Asian countries, India and Pakistan have dropped two notches in the index, standing at the 131st and 154th positions respectively. Our visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s tireless and dynamic leadership has reaped its reward by ensuring continuity of progress of the country and development of the human potential of our population.  

Though it is natural for us to be elated by the rank elevation during the worst global pandemic witnessed by our generation, we would like to restrain ourselves from becoming too complacent. We believe that there is much more to be achieved for the country to be at par with the developed nations of the world. 

We are living in an interdependent world where what happens in one corner of the world today affects the rest of the world tomorrow. The Coronavirus pandemic has made it too evident and undeniable than ever before that no country of the world can retain health, wealth and prosperity on its own or remain alone in the intensely interconnected world of today. If we have not learned the lesson taught by Covid-19, then all the sufferings faced by humanity in 2020 will be in vain.

If anything, we can rest assured that the future world of nations will be even more close-knit and borders will be more porous than now. Therefore, national progress and prosperity and human development must come under a shared common experience. Thus, extending sustainable assistance across the borders must be all encompassing to ensure the prosperity of the human race. But for now we ought to unite to strengthen the hands of our futuristic leader so that the country can continue on the path of progress and overcome the pandemic.