ECCS Tanks for Roopur NPP shipped from Russia

Special Correspondent

21 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

ECCS Tanks for Roopur NPP shipped from Russia

ZIO-Podolsk JSC, an enterprise of Rosatom Mechanical Engineering Division has manufactured and shipped set of main equipment including Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) Tanks for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (NPP).

The second set of ECCS Tanks for the reactor core has been shipped to Bangladesh. The equipment is intended for the reactor hall of the second NPP Power Unit, said a release.

The Emergency Core Cooling System Tanks are included into the reactor plant - one Tank for each reactor coolant loop. The ECCS is designed for automatic supply of boric acid cooling solution to the reactor core in case of coolant loss and shall be put in operation in case of the primary circuit emergency depressurisation.

Total weight of the products shipped is 156 tons. The equipment service life is 50 years. The Tanks are delivered by railway to the seaport (St. Petersburg), where they are loaded onto the barge and sent to Bangladesh by sea.

The design documents have been developed by ZIO-Podolsk NPP Equipment Department employees, they also provide the manufacture supervision.

JSC Atomenergomash is a Supplier of the equipment package for the reactor hall and a large part of the turbine hall equipment for Rooppur NPP with reactor plant VVER-1200. The Companies of the Division manufacture reactors, steam generators, pumps and heat-exchanging equipment.

Rooppur NPP is designed and constructed according to the Russian design. The Plant will consist of two Power Units, 1200 MW each, with VVER reactors of generation 3+.

The NPP is designed and constructed by Rosatom SC Engineering Division.