Avoiding accidents in dense fog

20 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Winter begins in our country around the end of the English calendar year.  This time is no exception. Winter is enjoyable for a class of people but it is also worrying for some people. At this time some class of people have to suffer a lot. In winter there is thick fog all around. Sometimes it is so obvious that nothing is visible beyond a few feet. Long distance buses, trucks, covered vans, ambulances, etc. travel all over the country starting from early into the deep of the night. In the thick fog, various vehicles fall into the ditches due to lack of visibility in the absence of street lights for not knowing the correct direction and bends in the roads and highways. Road accidents are the major part of news headline of the media round the year.

Also in winter, different groups of miscreants and robbers become more active in achieving their goals. Due to thick fog, small private cars have to face hijackers on some secluded roads in remote areas. Sometimes they have to lose everything. Drivers need to be more aware. Before starting a long distance journey, the lights of the car should be checked to see if it is in optimum condition. The attitude of overtaking should be avoided as the vehicles coming from the other side cannot be seen properly in the dense fog. However, if it is more difficult for the drivers to see the road then they ought to stop at a safe place on the road.

It is important for the administration and the authorities to issue guidance and adequate measures in this regard. Besides, public awareness should also be constantly increased.


Mamun Hossain Agun, a student of Political Science, Dhaka College