Stop violence against kids

20 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

A news story published on the front page of this newspaper yesterday highlighted a shocking statistics that 580 children were killed in 10 months from January to October this year. This is indeed a horrendous experience on the part of the newspaper readers as these children did not embrace a natural death. According to the data supplied by the Centre for Genocide Studies of Dhaka University and Save the Children, personal enmity, family feud, sexual assault and other reasons are blamed for the unnatural deaths. Children have long been a tool for a section of criminal minded people to take revenge on their parents and relatives. But what is most disturbing to state that kids are not even safe at the hands of their own parents. In recent times, the country recorded some incidents where parents killed their own children.

According to another revelation of the Centre for Genocide Studies, at least 1,450 incidents of violence against children took place during the said period. The disclosure has exposed an alarming rise in incidents of violence against kids. The horrific incidents are happening regularly despite signing of international laws and conventions by the state authorities to ensure children’s safety. But, mere signing of them will not serve the purpose; the state must do more to protect kids who are the nation’s most valuable treasure and its best hope for the future. Moreover, each of us as a citizen has a role to play in creating a better world for our children. Strict enforcement of law is essential to stop violence against them. If required, laws should be amended on an urgent basis to make it time-befitting and more effective. At the same time, campaigns should be conducted regularly by both public and private organisations to raise awareness about child rights and their safety. Last but not least, revival of social values is a must to prevent such unfortunate incidents. 

We ask for the formulation of a national policy in a bid to enforce more active and effective child protection services in communities.