Ansar member shows bravery in arrest of criminal

Staff Correspondent

20 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Shafiqul Islam, a member of Ansar Battalion, has had a heroic role in arrest of ‘dangerous criminal’ Ibrahim, who shot an ASI  at Mohammadpur in the capital on Thursday.

Shafiqul, who is deployed at Mohammadpur Police Station, fired at a leg of Ibrahim with his (Ibrahim) pistol while he was fleeing after shooting ASI of the police station Uzzal Mia, said Deputy Director of Ansar Battalion Mehnaz Tabassum.

She said on Thursday, ASI Uzzal, two constables and Shafiqul raided a house in Rayerbazar to arrest Ibrahim, who was fugitive due to having a case against him.

Five other criminals were staying with him in the house at that time, Mehnaz said.

According to Mehnaz, sensing presence of the law enforcers, five criminals tried to flee the house and two constables chased them.

Shafiqul was searching rooms of the house to see whether there was any other criminal. In the meantime, Ibrahim got into a scuffle with ASI Uzzal and at one stage, Ibrahim shoot the policeman with his pistol, leaving him injured.

After shooting, Ibrahim tried to flee. But, Shafiqul caught him after a chase from another room.

The Ansar man snatched his pistol and fired at his leg, leaving the goon wounded. Later, the criminal was arrested while the rest managed to flee.