Traffic violations on rise as video cases discontinued

Staff Correspondent

20 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Illegal parking has increased nowadays in the capital due to the closure of video cases, intensifying the traffic congestion further.  

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Joint Police Commissioner (South) Basudev Banik said “We are now discouraging video cases due to slow process in the disposal of cases. We are working to modernise the system.”

Traffic movement is being seriously hampered on the busy roads due to haphazard parking of cars and passenger buses, halving the capacity of the roads and causing immense sufferings to the commuters.

Traffic police started filing video cases to reduce the tendency of traffic violations and to prevent illegal parking, ease traffic congestion and bring discipline in traffic movement.

The video case filing system officially started from 2017 in four traffic divisions of DMP (Dhaka Metropolitan North, South, East and West).

As part of the system, DMP traffic department monitored and filmed the movement of vehicles to detect illegal parking and traffic rules violations.

Though the owner of the vehicle could not say anything immediately as the fine letter was delivered to the owner’s address, these cases were also sent to the BRTA’s server.

Fitness clearance was denied if the driver or owner failed to not pay the fine. This made the drivers and car owners more careful about their parking habits.

Due to the video case system, owners also advised their drivers not to park cars illegally---ultimately improving the traffic situation in the city.

Most of the drivers said that the video cases played a positive role in brining discipline on the roads.

Recently it was seen that normal traffic is being disrupted due to random parking and abandonment of vehicles on the side of the main roads across the capital.

In the last two weeks, there has been heavy traffic jam in the busy Motijheel, Gulistan, Farmgate, and Mirpur areas of the capital.

Traffic police were seen to take legal action by manually stopping the vehicle as before and checking the documents. No video case filing was seen anywhere. 

While visiting Gulshan, Banani and Kawran Bazar areas, it was seen that a large number of cars are parked illegally in these commercial areas, which was very uncommon when the video case system was in force.

However, some cases were filed manually and some cars are towed for traffic violations.

The situation in Motijheel is even worse. Private cars were seen parked in rows on the main road. The drivers here are arguing that there is not enough space for car parking in the city.

When people go to someone’s house or office, there is a sign on the door saying - keep the guests’ car out of the house. As a result, they are forced to park their cars on the road. Such a scenario was seen on the roads in both commercial and residential areas.

Asked about this, a traffic sergeant told Daily Sun, “It cannot be said that the chaos on the road has increased. It was there all the time.”

 “However, the environment was better during the video-based case filing system. People would not just leave their cars on the street for hours,” he noted, adding that numerous cases are being filed every day.