Rice price should be fair

18 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

It is reported in the Daily Sun that the local rice market showed an upward trend over the last few days, taking the advantage of low production of Aman paddy, though the production is not as low as the price would be so high. Concerns have been expressed that rice price may further increase as millers have been united once again with their ill-intention to create a fake crisis and manipulate the price to make hefty profits. Mass people, after facing high prices in the kitchen market for several months, have just started feeling relief as the prices of various agricultural products have begun coming to a reachable level. But the rice price hike would put the low-income people in an awful state further.

According to the report, millers are reluctant to sell rice to the government to increase stock at its fixed rate; rather they have started hoarding rice. The deadline for the millers to enter into a mandatory contract with the government to fulfil the procurement target expired on December 10 with only a few of the total 19,230 millers complying with the law.

For years millers have repeatedly been doing such sorts of activities without facing much trouble by maintaining an unholy nexus among themselves and with some greedy and unscrupulous government officials. Their syndicate victimises both the government and the common people. But because of an unknown reason, these people remain untouched. No matter who is in the position to make them accountable, they conduct their business with the same dominance. But everything has a limit; their audacity and anarchy should be stopped without further delay.

Rice is our main food; thus a fair price of this basic product should be ensured so that farmers and consumers can get benefits. Therefore, the millers who have turned a deaf ear to business ethics and disobeyed the rules and regulations should be brought to books. The authorities concerned should take stern action against the dishonest millers to stop them from making any fake crisis. Besides, regular monitoring should be conducted in markets so that wholesalers also cannot make unjust profits. According to government statistics, there is no food shortage in the country, so why should people buy rice at high rates?