Their audacity crosses all limits

7 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

It is December, the month of our victory. The nation has been preparing to celebrate the glorious Victory Day wholeheartedly. During this time, a group of fundamentalists, who do not care about Islamic law and culture but use the name of the holy religion for attaining their agendas, has repeatedly warned of destroying all sculptures including those of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Amid mass criticism about their bad intention, these fundamentalists have vandalised the sculpture of Bangabandhu in Kushtia on Friday night. Earlier on Wednesday night, they partially wrecked the monument of Madhusudan Dey commonly known as Madhu da, the owner of Madhur canteen, a rendezvous of liberation movement fighters. The culprits also dared to shoot at the sculpture of Bangabandhu. Their audacity has undoubtedly crossed all limits.

Vandalising these sculptures in the month of victory does surely symbolise something else. Though it is proven that sculptures and idols are different and many Islamic countries have sculptures of their national figures, these ill-intentioned people have been showing demonstrations against erecting sculptures of Bangabandhu for the last few days. There is no logic behind such activities but to show the audacity of the anti-liberation force which continuously deny the existence of independent Bangladesh and have been plotting against our motherland. These people are the enemies of our country and Islam as well.

Therefore, these culprits should be brought to book. The law enforcement agencies have already identified two of them in Kushtia. Their associates and masterminds should be arrested immediately and given exemplary punishment.

We are going to celebrate the golden jubilee of our independence next year. Unfortunately, these fanatic forces are still in the country hatching conspiracies against our independence and are misleading pious people in the same way they did in the British and Pakistani eras. So, the way fuelling their audacity should be cut off. Strong political will alongside long-term policies is needed to stop these heinous religious traders and collaborators from conspiring against Bangladesh in the name of Islam.