Bashundhara to make healthcare affordable

6 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

To say that the country’s healthcare sector is in a mess is to state the obvious. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it clear to all of us. The sorry state of our healthcare facilities, to a large extent, can be attributed to mismanagement of this vital sector. Although the government to its credit set up a strong network of hospitals and community clinics across the country, patients too often allege that they face a plethora of problems while seeking treatment in public hospitals.

Absence or shortage of doctors, indifference towards patients’ sufferings, medicine theft and other forms of corruption, and tout infestation are some of the ills of our public hospitals. It is often alleged that some doctors in public hospitals avoid duty to see patient in private chambers or clinics.

On the other hand, the burgeoning private medicals lost affordability due to excessive mercenary attitudes of most of the investors to whom money matters more than anything else. Some private hospitals are raking in huge profits not only by holding patients to ransom, but also by providing wrong treatment. Moreover, fake hospitals and diagnostic centers are a lurking threat to citizens.

Taken together, people are dissatisfied with our healthcare facilities for which they make a bee line to go abroad for better and reliable treatment.

In this backdrop it is reassuring to know that the country’s largest conglomerate Bashundhara Group is gearing up to cater to the needs of the patients. The Group has already set up a number of hospitals and medical college including Bashundhara Ad-Din Medical College Hospital and Bashundhara Eye Hospital and Research Institute which have earned a reputation for offering quality service at an affordable cost.

Now, Bashundhara Group Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, as part of his company’s corporate social responsibility, has undertaken a mega project to construct a 1,000-bed hospital in Bashundhara Residential Area. Once constructed, this will be the country’s largest hospital. Besides, Bashundhara Group is also constructing a 100-bed non-profitable hospital in Manikganj. The hospital is likely to go into operation next year. It will also set up a similar hospital having the capacity of 100 beds in Brahmanbaria. Reportedly, the Group’s mission is to provide world-class treatment facilities at a very low cost.

All these endeavours of the country’s largest business group make us hopeful because it has already set an example in providing quality service by upholding business ethics. Moreover we have seen Ahmed Akbar Sobhan’s concern for people’s health and well-being during the onslaught of coronavirus in Bangladesh. He offered and facilitated the government to set up one of the world’s largest field hospital in Bangladesh to treat Covid-19 patients. Therefore, it is beyond our doubt that Bashundhara Group will make a big impact in making the country’s healthcare services affordable and reliable.