Ethnic women, children to suffer from malnutrition in Naogaon

5 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

NAOGAON: The ethnic children and women in the district have been suffering from malnutrition due to disappearance of the sources of nutrition triggered by drought.

“In the past, we passed our days by eating eel, fish, crab and snail, which were abundant here, to meet our nutritional demand. But those have disappeared from our locality for lack of rainfall. That’s why we have been suffering from malnutrition,” said Parbati Akkata, a woman of Oraon community at Porsha upazila.

“We have no enough affordability to eat meat,” she said, “So, now we only eat vegetables grown in wild and on the homestead premises.”

Ataur Rahman, programme officer of local NGO Barendrabhumi Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (BSDO), said the aquatic animals like eel, fish, crab and snail are the main sources for the plain-land ethic people to meet their nutritional demand, reports BSS.

But, he said, the habitats of those species – waterbodies and canals – are being dried up there due to poor rainfall, destroying the sources of nutrition.

Ataur said the ethnic women and children have been suffered more from malnutrition since the poor ethnic households do not have enough affordability to buy nutritional food items like meat and fish.

Water scarcity is a common phenomenon in the Barind region during the dry season. But, even in monsoon, the Naogaon district now experiences poor rainfall due to changes in precipitation pattern, caused by climate change, contributing a prolonged drought there that damages Aman paddy fields of ethic people.