Human trafficking must be stopped

3 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Human trafficking has been one of the serious and major problems facing Bangladesh for years. Incidents have been made headlines in newspapers on a regular basis but traffickers have been doing their ‘business’, most of the time, without any problems by maintaining a strong syndicate. Recently disclosed information of CID that two foreign airlines have involved in human trafficking reveals how strong and deep-rooted network they maintain to traffic unlucky fortune seekers.

With a hope to change their miserable financial condition thousands of unskilled but ambitious people, both men and women, try to go abroad by any means whom the trafficker take as prospective easy preys to attain their interest. Both push and pull factors have a role in this crime.

Earlier many a time we wrote in this column highlighting the illegal activities of recruiting agencies, but for unknown reasons only a few of the culprits have been nabbed.

If the recent claim of CID is true, then there should be many more things to think of. If the airlines officials are involved in human trafficking then the question comes why the immigration office and immigration security forces did not take any action against those corrupt officials as it is almost impossible to do anything in the airport without their knowledge. Therefore, the honest willingness of all authorities concerned is in question.

The government must take stricter actions to stop human trafficking. Some of the steps that should be taken immediately are as follow: increasing the capacity of social welfare authorities and strengthening of the Counter Trafficking Committees (CTCs) at union, upazila and district levels. Most of all the law enforcement agencies have to play the most important role by bringing human traffickers to book because strict enforcement of law serves as an effective deterrent against any crime.