Appoint education officers urgently

2 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Quality education is the founding stone of a country. It is part of preparing the younger generation for their future responsibility of nation building. Therefore, the government must be vigilant about quality education for all the young people irrespective of location and status.

Unfortunately, the posts of District Education Officer have been lying vacant in 24 districts for long. The DEOs being the key officers at the district level, their absence is hampering supervision, implementation of development plans, inspection and monitoring of educational institutions in these districts. In case of absence of officers, the assistant district education officers at the district education offices do the job. But even the post of ADEO is vacant in some of the districts.

The districts where the posts of both the DEO and ADEO are vacant for long, headmasters of one of the government high schools work as acting DEO. Shariatpur is one such district where a school headmaster is working as the district education officer, hampering work at both education office and his school.

As the DEO of each district looks after textbooks distribution, even the distribution of books on the first day of the New Year may be hampered where this key post is vacant. Lack of education officers for a prolonged period in almost half of the districts is shocking, especially when the government is prioritising education. Without monitoring and supervision at the field level it is not possible to implement the progressive education plans of the government.

In any sector of the government, administration discrepancies are most unwelcome, but it is more so in the case of the education sector, as it is the most vital sector related to training of our future generation. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is the authority to appoint district education officers. Whatever administrative problems they are facing relating to the appointment and posting of the education officers must be overcome at the earliest.