Naymul looks forward to working with new projects

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2 December, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Naymul looks forward to working with new projects

Naymul Islam Nayem, one of the most talented fashion photographers of this time, has been working in the industry for the last seven years. Photographer Naymul is a familiar name in the Bangladeshi fashion diaspora for her engaging portraits and fashion photographs which feature subjects in intimate settings.

Seven years ago when a young engineering undergrad started capturing as a fledgling from his passion, he did not think that he will come all this way and become a professional photographer. Now his name is associated with brands like OCODE, Fit Elegance, Mbrella, Moons, Hur, Meerak, Kings, Gifts Shops. Naymul knows how to pull the surroundings to connect with his subjects. He embraces imperfection and makes it intriguing in his works. Naymul is currently working on a few commercial and personal projects. He always looks forward to working with new stylists, models, designers, and brands.