Our commendable economic success

29 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The recent pandemic of coronavirus has brought the whole world to a standstill. The production of various companies has become controlled and limited in size. Many countries have lagged behind in terms of trade. Most indicators have turned around. Reviewing the equation, it is seen that about eight billion remittances have come in the last three and a half months. In addition, the reserves exceeded 40 billion. The capital market is in turmoil, Bangladesh has a large surplus in foreign currencies.

In the last three months, the export income has reached 10 billion, in two months the bank has sold 37 per cent of the annual target savings certificates, the private sector debt has increased due to incentives and the import expenditure has decreased.

Bangladesh's success in South Asia is unimaginable. Bangladesh is slowly moving forward on the highway of development. The economic structure of Bangladesh has been enriched even in this dire situation of Corona.

Bangladesh is now on the way to becoming a developing country. Per capita income is increasing. The average life expectancy is increasing. The size of the economy is increasing. The size of the budget is increasing. Dependence on budget implementation is also decreasing. In infrastructure development, Bangladesh's capacity to implement large-scale projects is also increasing. Bangladesh has launched satellites in space. Power generation has increased.  Agricultural production has increased. Bangladesh is moving ahead in the field of information technology.

But in contrast, corruption has not decreased. Looting has increased in the banking sector. The amount of defaulted loans has increased too. Inequality between rich and poor has increased. Overall economic inequality increased, and a large part of the total wealth of the country is accumulated in the hands of some few people.

Corruption is a terrible problem for Bangladesh. The problems discussed in this regard need to be identified and effective measures need to be taken. Besides, this economic success must be maintained and if a multi-dimensional plan can be adopted, the economic success of Bangladesh will increase day by day. Bangladesh can set an unprecedented example in the world if the negatives are overcome in the future.


Mamun Hossain Agun, a student, Department of Political Science, Dhaka College