Sparkling stone discovery triggers ‘diamond’ rush in Nagaland

29 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

MON: Sparkling stone discovery triggers ‘diamond’ rush in Nagaland’s Mon Farmer’s discovery triggers ‘diamond’ rush in village, geologists to investigate site, reports Hindu The Hindu.

A farmer’s accidental discovery of a sparkling stone has triggered a ‘diamond’ rush in Nagaland’s Mon district.

A resident of the district’s Wanching village found the stone while farming on November 25. Word spread that he had discovered a diamond and people from neighbouring areas started pouring into the village.

“People started digging all over as four-five more such stones were found.

Although coal is found in the area, the chances of these stones being diamond are remote since the stones were found too close to the surface,” said the district’s Deputy Commissioner Thavaseelan K.

He added that a team from the State’s Geology and Mining Department would visit the site next week to conduct an investigation.

Tongyei Angh, chairman of Wanching village, said the crystal-like stones found in the partly private and partly community-owned land were unlikely to be diamonds.

“The farmer who found the stone sparked off an excitement among the villagers when he told the tale of his discovery. That it may not be a diamond became apparent when used a hammer and it broke into pieces easily,” said Mr. Angh.