Transcending Dhaka

City master plan on the cards

Rashidul Hasan

28 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Dhaka South City Corporation mulls over the issue of framing a master plan for an integrated city to make sure that the city residents reap the benefits of healthy services. 

DSCC officials say they are going to design a 30-year master plan for Dhaka, spanning from 2020 to 2050.

The plan is the first of its kind since the enactment of Local Government (City Corporation) Act in 2009.

The master design includes transport and pedestrian linkage, heritage conservation, waterways and recreational space development by the river and that of canal banks.

Mayor’s house, DSCC officer’s quarter, a new township development, planned aristocratic housing development with golf course and land redevelopment, among others, will be accommodated in the plan.

DSCC chief urban planner Sirajul Islam said the work of framing the master plan is underway.

“We are now working onthe appointment of a consulting firm to design the plan,” he told the Daily Sun.

Officials say the design must be completed within 12 months.

DSCC sources said there has been a series of discussion about the master plan with a cross section of professionals, including planners, engineers, architects and civil societies.

The master plan will also include ward-based land use, development of 75 wards, boosting community facility, local area traffic management, water body and drainage management and solid waste management.

DSCC Mayor Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh said, “One of the main tasks of the city corporation is to formulate a master plan as well asa micro plan for the entire development of the city. But till date, no plan has been framed for Dhaka. For the first time, DSCC has taken a plan to go for a master plan termed “Integrated City master plan for Dhaka”. “We want to make a 30-year-term master plan by which we can create a developed capital. We would like to offer the dwellers a developed city. In the light of my election manifesto, we are framing the plan.”

“Meanwhile, different agencies have chalked out master plan based on their activities and projects. We will also take their master plan into our account. Through the implementation of the master plan, we will ensure civic services and take our development journey ahead,” said Taposh.

He added that, “The activities belonging to the city corporation includes from public health endurances to every micro plans of the city … but sorry to say, we have not been able to bring those activities under an umbrella. Everything is happening based on different projects. Different agencies are carrying out their activities in piecemeal basis.”

“If we advance this way, we cannot reach our original goal. We have to come to a conclusion as to who will lead the activities. The leading organisation has to bring all other organisations under a single umbrella,” suggested the mayor.

Talking to the Daily Sun, urban planner, also project director of Detailed Area Plan, Ashraful Islam said, “Every city corporation should have a plan of their own for local level development to make sure that the benefitsget to grass roots level.”

Welcoming the move, city planner Adil Mohammed Khan said every city corporation must have a detailed master plan as there is no scope to accommodate all the things in DAP.