Crackdown on foreign criminal gangs

24 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

We are alarmed by a story published in this newspaper yesterday about foreign criminal gangs who are engaged in committing various crimes across the country. Foreigners, mostly from Africa, are found to be involved in crimes like deception, drug dealing, credit card forgery, human trafficking, gold smuggling and so on.

Foreign fraudsters present many disguised faces to defraud people. Here is a glaring example of their ugly faces. In August, a highly educated working girl fell into the trap of such a foreign fraudster. The simple-hearted girl maintained contact with him through social media. Ultimately, she decided to marry the man, who wanted Tk15.56 lakh from her giving a false promise of taking her to the USA after marriage. But, after handing over the money to the fraud, whom police apprehend to be a Nigerian, the girl found him untraced. But, it was too late when the victim realised her mistake.

Imagine, how these fraudsters leave innocent people in a difficult situation!  Earlier, some Nigerians were found to be involved in ATM fraud in the capital. Not only individuals, but many organisations also fall prey to these criminals. The administration should take a tough stance against them without wasting time.

The authorities concerned should conduct regular drives to flush out foreign criminals. They should keep an updated list of them and take measures for their deportation if they overstay in the country beyond their visa period. Once they are detected to be criminals by their involvement in different crimes, the law enforcers should immediately arrest them and put them before court for facing trial. They should never be treated softly as foreigners; rather the government should take harsh measures against them. Already, local criminals have made people’s lives miserable in the cities. In this situation, foreign criminals have simply multiplied their woes. There is no difference between local or foreign criminals. Their only identity is that they are all criminals. So, no mercy to foreign offenders! Time is ripe enough to operate a harsh crackdown against them. The earlier it is done the better for all.