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An opportunity for new content makers to showcase their talent

Jahid Islam

23 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

An opportunity for new content makers to showcase their talent

With the spread of online-based streaming platforms like Binge, bongo, bioscope, Hoichoi and Zee5, new-age content makers will have a great opportunity to showcase their talent. Besides, all the artistes, including, filmmakers, writers, cinematographers, music composers, sound engineers, editors, and other creative people, will benefit from these digital platforms.     

Talking about these streaming platforms, noted small screen actor Fazlur Rahman Babu said, “Over-the-top (OTT) platform is a new concept in Bangladesh which has just commenced in the country. The entertainment-loving people have also started liking it. It has emerged as a new way of watching live TV channels, originals, movies, dramas, etc in recent days due to the popularity and availability of smart television and broadband internet.”

“Around 100 million people are using internet in Bangladesh. If we can manage to target 40 to 50 million audience who have internet access to watch these contents, the entertainment industry will flourish further and our work opportunity will increase,” he said. 

National Film Award-winning actor Chanchal Chowdhury said, “Scope of work has increased and OTT platforms have created that opportunity for us to depict our talent but this opportunity should be created for the entire people of the industry rather than restraint to just two to three individuals.”      

Expressing his opinion, popular actor Shamol Mawla said, “A new window of opportunity has opened up for an artiste like us due to advent of OTT platforms.”

Actress Moutushi Biswas said, “Undoubtedly, the scope of work has increased but to utilise these platforms, we need more storytelling about women empowerment based on true events so that we can excel at content making in this new and vast medium.”

Director Mahmud Hasan Sikder, who has earned popularity among the audience after releasing his movie ‘Obotar’ said, “Obviously digital platforms create opportunity for the makers. If you want to compete with international media, then you should use digital platforms.”

“Our investors always feel insecure about investment in digital platforms. As a result, foreign platforms are spreading their claws to grab our market. I think, popular artistes, makers should come up with good contents to boost up our own digital platforms. Content is very important for digital media,” he added.      

Red Digital is a next-generation digital company that has launched the country’s biggest content library OTT platform titled ‘Binge’ for entertainment enthusiasts.

Red Dot Digital’s Marketing Lead Noor E Tazrian Khan said, “Our pivotal focus is to make Bangladeshi crime thriller, drama, comedy, video content based on real-life crime and many more and an outstanding content making team is there to do that.”