Universities Should Tie Up with Industries

Md. Hakimul Haque

19 November, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Universities Should Tie Up with Industries

The university authorities should realise an industrial linkage program as there is no such practice in our country. Indeed, it will develop the research standard of Bangladeshi students and contribute to building our economy directly and indirectly. I think that an industrial linkage program will have a far-reaching impact on a country's research and economy.

The Industrial linkage Program supports national and worldwide research organisations between researchers and businesses, industry, community organisations, and other openly funded research agencies. By keeping the development of partnerships between university and industry, we can encourage the transfer of skills, knowledge, and ideas to secure commercial and other research benefits. The Linkage Projects grant promotes projects that initiate or develop long-term planned research agreements to disseminate innovative knowledge and obtain novel experience for securing commercial and other research benefits. To ease productive collaboration between higher education institutions and other parts of the innovation system, the Linkage Projects scheme should be made by the university authorities by linking with the industry for the following objectives:

-               Development of long-term strategic research alliances between higher education organisations and industry and other research end-users to harness advanced knowledge;

-               Provide scopes for global competitive research projects in collaboration with organisations external to the advanced education area;

-               Improve the gradation and direction of research in Government priority areas.

In Bangladesh, these have not been established yet. Though Bangladesh achieves self-sufficiency in food, there are still many agriculture, livestock, and health-related problems and challenges such as antimicrobial resistance, food safety, security, etc. There is no suitable research environment where students can learn how to perform research at a global level because of insufficient funds.

Nowadays, many students want to accomplish and understand fruitful research on the issues mentioned above. Besides, there is a lack of funds for conducting international standard research.

On the contrary, in Australia, Japan, Korea, China, European countries, and the USA, they regularly practise the industrial linkage projects grant to develop partnerships between universities and industry. Unfortunately, we can't make it happen. But it is not impossible. There should have a provision of industrial linkage projects grant in Bangladesh to upgrade our research standard. And for this the university authorities should come forward first to make an arrangement and link with the industry for this type of linkage grants. I do believe that an industrial linkage projects grant could have profound effects on research and economy, eventually society, community, and overall development of Bangladesh.


The writer is an Associate Professor, Dept. of Veterinary  and Animal Sciences, Rajshahi University