Absence of Policy

Community policing being hampered

Mahabub Alam

29 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Police administration is facing problem to operate community policing in the country in the absence of a policy.

Though 27 years have elapsed since its formation in 1993, a policy in this regard has not yet been formulated.

Now, only police department is operating the community policing but other departments of the government are not taking any responsibilities to run it, said Shahely Ferdous, assistant inspector general of police.

If there were a policy in this regard, every department concerned would be involved in carrying out the activities of the community policing in the country, she said. 

The service has already been acclaimed as the members of the community police have been doing their duties with utmost sincerity.

As the service is becoming popular in the society, police administration stressed the need for formulating a specific policy to continue the service.

Police administration has already placed a proposal to the Home Ministry for formulating a policy in this regard but the proposal has remained in shelve, sources in the police headquarters said.

However, Shahely Ferdous told the Daily Sun that the government fund is greatly needed to afford the expenses of community policing members for guarding their local areas at night.

A policy should be formulated for the betterment of the community policing, she said.

Mostafa Kamal Uddin, senior secretary of public security division under Home Ministry, could not be contacted for his comment in this regard.

Despite the fact, the police administration is going to mark ‘Community Policing Day’ on Saturday (October 31).

The day will be observed this year with a slogan ‘Mujib Borsher Mulmontro-Community Policing Sorbotro’ (The goal of Mujib Year- community policing is everywhere). 

Police headquarters data shows that more than 1.18 lakh (0.118 million) disputes were settled through the community policing across the country last year between July 17, 2019 and June 30 this year.

Of the disputes, 25,127 were land related while 14,064 were money related, 15,976 husband-wife feuds, 19,888 clashes, 16,436 family feuds and 26,842 others, according to the police headquarters.

The civilian members of the community policing helped the cops arrest 6,827 accused in various criminal cases from April 14, 2020 to July 14, the running year, as per the police headquarters information.

At present over 11.17 lakh members, who are members of police force and general people, on 60,918 committees of the community policing across the country are carrying out various activities such as settling disputes guarding areas at night, helping cops control traffic management and capture criminals. Police set up 66 delivery service centres of the policing system across the country.

Seeking anonymity, an assistant inspector general (AIG) of the police headquarters has said, “We have placed our proposal to the Home Ministry to make a policy by which the community policing will be operated. We have told the ministry that the police force will lead the community policing.

“But the ministry asked us that deputy commissioners (DC) of all districts will be the head of the community policing at their respective districts,” the officer said.

The officer further said that the police force sought an allocation from the government to help the poor civilian members of the community policing as they are paid a little amount of money by local people for guarding their areas at night.

The senior officer said that the government did not allocate any fund in the absence of a policy.