Shastho Batayon reaches 10mn people

Staff Correspondent

29 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Shastho Batayon reaches 10mn people

‘Shastho Batayon,’ an initiative of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, has provided various health services to more than 10 million people from March 1 to October 20.

Of the total number of service seekers, more than 86 million people called for coronavirus issue from the telehealth centre run by Synesis IT, said a press release.

One out of every 16 people in the country has availed of this telehealth service.

A total of 15.2 million people have received the service since 2015.

In this regard, Chief Executive Officer of Synesis Health and Public Health Specialist, Dr Nizam Uddin Ahmed, said, “Multidimensional services are being provided through the ‘Shastho Batayon’ call centre during the corona period, and the service has played a vital role in the welfare of the people.”

About 200 doctors are providing this service every day and Shastho Batayon-16263 can provide services to about 0.3 million people every day.

In addition to medical treatment and counseling services, emergency ambulance services, health information services, complaints about public and private medical services, accidental medical services, etc. are provided through Shastho Batayon.

Besides, there is an arrangement to transfer the phone calls to the specialist call center of Bangabandhu Medical Hospital for specialist services.

Shastho Batayon is the largest telehealth center in Bangladesh, which is being run under the auspices of MIS, DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has been providing telemedicine services to the people since 2015.

Other health services are also available, including 24-hour doctor’s advice, by calling “16263” using a landline or mobile phone at Shastho Batayon. 

Doctors are treating patients through mobile phones here. They then send e-prescriptions through Automatic SMS from the CRM of Shastho Batayon, and patients are receiving advice and taking medication accordingly. At present, the capacity and services of Shastho Batayon have been significantly increased.