Hatchery promotes fish farming in Rajshahi

28 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

RAJSHAHI: Saimur Rahaman, 45, has emerged himself as a prospective fish farming entrepreneur since his engagement in fish rearing and farming business for the last decade.

Rahman, a resident of Seroil area in Rajshahi city, had started fish farming in only a three-bigha pond after purchasing 600 grams of spawns from a nearby seed multiplication farm in 2010.

Since then, he has, so far, extended his fish farming to 15 ponds after availing the scopes of spawns and fingerlings of the seed multiplication farm.

Makhan Hossain, another fish farmer of Seroil area, along with his father Alauddin Hossain has been cultivating fish in 12 ponds after taking three kilograms of spawn from the farm every season since 2010 successfully.

He said carp species like rui, katla, mrigel, silver carp and grass carp are the most popular. A carp fish generally weighing 2.5 kilogram (kg) to 5.5 kg is sold at TK 300 to TK 600 per kg.

Makhan added that they are happy over the fish farming as it has enhanced his social dignity and level of confidence.

The seed multiplication farm has been playing a vital role towards boosting fish production through providing quality spawns among farmers in the region.

After getting healthy spawn many farmers like Rahman and Makhan have attained success in fish production field side by side with making the region self-reliant in fish production, said Dr Jinnat Ara Rokeya Chowdhury, Manager of the farm.

Established on 3.29 hectares of land at Kadirganj area in the heart of the Rajshahi city in 1961-62, the state-owned farm has now become an icon of delivering quality spawn, fry and fingerling among the farmers at nominal rate.

A medium size hatchery had been launched in the ‘Rajshahi Fish Seed Multiplication Farm’ in 1981-82 and it had begun its journey as well as artificial breeding with initial production of five kilograms of spawns in 1989.

But, at present, the farm has been producing 350 kilograms of spawns of 11 fish species including all major carp and supplying those to the farmers side by side with various other activities every season.