To establish a just society

28 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The recent incident of the arrest of a law maker’s son, who himself is also a ward councillor, is an unprecedented happening in Bangladesh. Powerful people of the ruling party and their families have been more or less above the law resulting in an unjust state of affairs prevailing in the country since long.

But in recent times, we have been curiously observing a distinct positive change in the way that law and order was being maintained in the country. Currently, the law enforcement agencies are not allowing even the most powerful people get away with crime, not even if they belong to their own forces.

The heretofore untouchables are being apprehended if they are accused of some unlawful activity. This seems like the dawn of a new horizon for establishing a just and equitable society in the Bangladesh of Bangabandhu’s dream.

It is also being highly appreciated by the people as it renews their hope in the present government led by our bold, confident and visionary Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. We are proud to observe that her present government has repeatedly shown to be consolidated on the path of inclusive democracy, progressive development and equitable justice.

We hope that the arrest of the powerful ward councillor cum law maker’s son is heralding a fairer and more just law and order situation in the country. The people must also come forward to help and support the government in establishing justice in the society.

The government is trying to work for the people; therefore, it is also the people’s duty to assist the law enforcers by giving them correct information whenever required to establish law and order in the country.

The beginning of the end of injustice has begun. It must be upheld by one and all. Each and every person and professional must do their bit to uphold justice, law and order for a permanently just society to prevail. We expect that criminals will not be freed on bail anymore after being arrested, as it is often seen that they manipulate the justice system using money and connections with power. Justice should be handed without fear or favour to all, irrespective of class, position in society, financial or political power for realising the Golden Bengal as dreamt by the Father of the Nation.