Buriganga on death row

27 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

It is not without reasons that nature is very often called the Mother Nature. We ourselves are part of the nature and depend on nature for everything we need. Without such support from nature, it would not have been possible for any of us to survive. 

Let us take the case of rivers that are important elements of nature. The undeniable fact about the land we live in is that three mighty river systems – the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna –carried billions of tonnes of alluvial soil over millions of years to create it for us. Not only that, the rivers also gave rise to a distinct type of ecology and environment with specific flora and fauna so that we could lead a healthy life depending on them. So, it is our duty to protect and preserve rivers for sustainable use.

But, as ungrateful as we are, we have become almost completely oblivious of this relationship between man and nature and as such neglect our duty to preserve nature. But that is not all about the story; we also damage nature. A front page picture of this daily yesterday is enough to demonstrate how stupidly we behave with the Buriganga River: We dump into it huge quantity of all possible sorts of wastes including toxic effluent from industries.

Why we are so negligent to our duties to nature may be that rivers and other members of nature do not have the voice to lodge protests instantly against our actions. But we will be in a fool’s paradise if we think that nature will tolerate our torture on it for an endless period. The global warming is nature’s retaliation against man’s failure to abide by the laws of nature.

The Buriganga and other rivers around the city are also taking revenge for our thoughtless actions against them: The highly polluted water in the rivers and the toxic gases they emit every moment have started impacting adversely on our health. But we are yet to come to a sober realisation about the importance of protecting the rivers from inevitable deaths. The insensitive coteries continue dumping wastes into the rivers and the authorities concerned are still unconcerned about the dying condition of these lifelines of the city. The Buriganga is heading fast towards it inevitable doom.