Treat the cause, not symptom

24 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

The RU VC’s flagrant violation of law and involvement in corruption is a textbook example of how malignant tumour cells grow and become cancerous. First we ignored the importance of a fair recruitment system. Allegations have been rampant about tweaking rules to get politically like-minded candidates on board. Then we ignored teachers’ extensive inclination to politics which went to the extent of harming their own growth as a scholar and affected their students as well. And then we promoted and nominated those teachers in various important positions like VC by measuring their loyalty, rather than quality and capability. Then comes the rude awakening of what happens when we prefer mediocracy over meritocracy as too often news reports surface about brazen abuse of power by those men in responsible positions.

Vice-Chancellor of a university is supposed to be not only a man of knowledge, but also of values. They are supposed to be epitome of morality. But sadly, from time to time allegation arises that VCs are trampling upon all moral values.

For example, according to a daily sun report, the UGC has found ample evidence of wrongdoings in 25 counts against VC Prof Dr Abdus Sobhan, Pro-VC Prof Choudhury M. Zakaria and some other officials of Rajshahi University. As astonishing as it may sound, the VC went to the extent of relaxing the university’s teachers’ recruitment rules to employ his daughter and her husband in the university. Besides, the UGC has also found that the VC is at fault of providing false information to the president and doing recruitment business.

That the UGC launched an investigation against the RU administration and unearthed anomalies is indeed praiseworthy. It is hoped that appropriate actions will be taken against them. However, only taking random actions against malpractices here and there, without treating the root causes as mentioned above, will be tantamount to treating the symptoms, not the causes.

There is a saying, if you want to destroy a nation, destroy its education system. If ours is not already destroyed yet, there are some disturbing signs and symptoms which must be dealt with by going at their roots.