Drivers’ dope test a must

24 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Road crash is one of the leading causes of deaths in our country. Every year, the number of road fatalities is increasing at an alarming rate. There are many factors that contribute to road mishaps. Drug or alcohol addiction is one of the major factors that lead to rising deaths on roads. Almost half of the public vehicle drivers in the capital are believed to be addicts.

But, no system has yet been introduced in the country to carry out dope tests on drivers. However, this time, the Prime Minister has come up with the idea of introducing dope test for drivers. She deserves praise for floating the idea. We believe the PM’s idea would yield fruitful results if it is materialised sincerely. But it needs strict monitoring on the part of the relevant officials who are responsible for doing the job. In the past, we have observed silently that many of the PM’s directives went unheeded due to lack of integrity of the officials. We hope it will not happen this time.

However, besides drug or alcohol addiction, there are many other reasons behind increased number of road crashes. They include lack of road safety measures like plying of unfit vehicles by drivers who do not possess driving licence, poor implementation of traffic rules and regulations and corrupt practices pursued by traffic police personnel who allegedly receive regularly a large amount of money as monthly payments from bogus drivers or staffs or owners of unfit vehicles.

Above all, there are widespread allegations against the BRTA officials who issue driving licences and fitness certificates in exchange of bribes. What is more alarming to note that a good number of illegal offices have mushroomed around the Mirpur BRTA office from where official documents are openly sold under the very nose of the law enforcers. The administration must take strict measures to curb road mishaps by uprooting corruption from the office of the driving licence issuing agency. Necessary directives should be issued to the law enforcers to immediately dismantle the unregistered offices from the vicinity of the BRTA office; otherwise traffic discipline will remain ever elusive.