Bogura farmers benefit from bottle gourd cultivation

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23 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Bogura farmers benefit from

bottle gourd cultivation

BOGURA: Farmers in Bogura district have made good profits this year by organically farming bottle gourd. The bottle gourd farmers are happy over fair market price in all twelve upazilas of Bogura district this season.

The use of high-yield varieties of the plant, modern mulching and cutting methods, and using coco dust as fertilizer made bottle gourd cultivation much cheaper for the farmers.

The district Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) provided loans and training under the National Agricultural Technology Programme (NATP) to cultivate bottle gourds amid the devastating floods this year.

“It was difficult to believe that the farmers would be able to cultivate the bottle gourds amid the disastrous flood and the deadly pandemic, but they made it possible,” said Deputy Director of DAE Md Dulal Hossain.

The farmers show more interest to grow the crops as they are to invest trifling money against massive profit, said sub-assistance agriculture officers. They also said, we have given logistic support to farmers.

“I have cultivated high-breed bottle gourd variety in my 13 decimal of land spending Tk 1500 aiming financially self-reliant,” said farmer Muslim Uddin under Dupchanchia upazila. He also said, “I have already sold the crops at Tk 12000 and expecting to make over Tk 9000 from the rest of the crops.”

The peasants of the agri-prone region had sowed the seed of bottle gourd last August and started harvesting the crops from last couple of weeks. They are also exporting the crops across the county mitigating local demand.

Meanwhile, the peasants are getting bumper production of the vegetable due to favourable weather condition and timely supply of necessary agri-input, said farmer Lokman Hossain under Shibganj upazila

Each, one and half kg weighted bottle gourd is being sold at Tk 20 to 25; a two kg is at Tk 35 to 40, a three kg weight is at Tk 40 to 45 and big size is at Tk 40 to 45 in the retail market across the region.

Deputy Director of DAE Md Dulal Hossain said bottle gourd farming is boosting the economical condition of the farmers. The farmer show more interest to grow the crops as its cultivation is easy and lucrative, he added.