Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

‘Sino-India border clashes left relationship profoundly disturbed’

‘Sino-India border clashes left relationship profoundly disturbed’

NEW DELHI: Indian Minister of External Affairs, S Jaishankar on Friday said that the border clashes between India and China have left the Sino-Indian relationship profoundly disturbed, reports ANI.

While speaking to former Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd at an event hosted by Asia Society, Jaishankar said: “It obviously has had a deep public impact, and a very major political impact and it has left the relationship profoundly disturbed.... Today, there are very large number of troops with weapons concentrated on that segment of the border, and that is a very critical security challenge that we face.”

He stated that China’s actions at the border was a sharp departure from a course of relationship over 30 years, since Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister.

He stated that a basis for peace and tranquillity along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was made between the two neighbouring countries, including multiple agreements starting from 1993, which limited the presence of military forces at border areas, the behaviour of troops and more.

“What we saw this year was a departure from this entire set of agreements, and the massing of large amounts of Chinese forces on the border was clearly contradictory to those agreements. When you have friction points which was the large number of troops at different points, very close to each other, then something tragic happens than what happened on June 15.