When CCTV fails to deter criminals

15 October, 2020 12:00 AM printer

Urbanisation has resulted in rapid growth of big cities. City life is comfortable enough due to easy availability of basic amenities. But, multifarious problems have also gripped the cities. Newspaper readers most often get disgusted finding stories of various crimes that are being committed in cities regularly. Crimes disrupt peace and harmony of city residents beyond tolerable level. As a deterrent, lots of cities now employ public video surveillance as a primary tool for prevention of crime, both in public and private sectors. Members of law enforcement agencies rely on CCTV cameras to identify and capture the criminals. But it is worrying that in some cases criminals are getting scot-free despite police having CCTV footage of the crimes. We have come to know from ‘DMP News’ about 15 criminals who have committed theft, mugging and other crimes in four years from 2017 to ongoing year. But, police could not nab them despite having CCTV footages. 

It is alleged that law enforcers are unable to detect criminals due to a mechanism of a section unscrupulous officers who let off the criminals in exchange of money and other benefits. Those who are responsible for operating CCTV cameras allegedly keep the cameras off until criminals go away with booty after finishing the acts of crime. The collaborators show many false pretexts while explaining their intentional negligence in duties. As for example, in certain situations where crimes are committed, they remain away from their places of duty. These activities are, no doubt, unpardonable as they encourage crimes. The abettors of criminals are equally guilty in the same crime committed by other persons. Strict action should be taken against them in a bid to combat crime.

As more advanced technology is used, it has necessitated the need for innovation among criminals to identify new loopholes that they can exploit. So, law enforcers should decrease over-reliance on CCTV cameras, rather they should increase their physical surveillance, especially during night time. Moreover, it has also been proved beyond doubt that brighter street lights much better serve the goal of deterrence of crimes.